Welcome to the church of all things cheesy. We bring the cheese to your party! Take your pick from our various cheese buffets, cheese boards, styled cheese spreads and their add ons to complete your special celebration, gift someone a cheesy treat, or join us at Poblacion Dining Room for #boozylikesundaymorning.

What gives La Petite Fromagerie its soul is that there is a certain curation to the cheeses. The fact that it is done by someone like the Reyes, who clearly has a heart for the product and who believes in serving an entire experience with products and produce that accompany each other perfectly, makes it feel less like a service strictly for the elite and more like a familiar food-inclined friend showing off her latest yummy discoveries.

Gabby Tatad, The Philippine Star

From fun parties to elegant spreads (think weddings), Reyes and her team create curated and customized cheese buffets with your choice of cheese and accoutrements -- may it be Raclette, or a fully loaded cheese spread, to cheese-centric hors d'oeuvres like the Malakoff and Cacio e Pepe Fritelle. 

Joko Magalong, ABS-CBN News

Karla shows us how it's done right- with a combination of soft to hard cheeses- from mild to nutty and sharp; parmesan wheels cradling cacio e pepe fritters; an addictive truffle cream cheese spread; a fondue bar, perhaps; all with a wide assortment of nuts, dried fruit, honey, and crackers to pair with the rich, luxurious selection.

Jacklyn Clemente-Koppe, onebigbite.com

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