Caprice des Dieux

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Caprice des Dieux was developed by Jean-Noel Bongrain over 60 years ago. It is also known as, “Caprice of the Gods”. It was produced at the family dairy in the village of Illoud in the Haute-Marne region of France. Made from milk collected less than 60 km from the dairy, Caprice des Dieux is a mild, creamy cheese, providing a moment of pure indulgence. The beautiful white exterior reveals a smooth, creamy heart and a delicate crème-fraiche flavour. Its unique recipe and oval shape, its distinctive blue box and original name marked it out from other cheeses of the time.

Tasting Notes:
Texture: creamy and smooth
Flavor: buttery, nutty, smooth
Milk Origin: pasteurized cow’s milk
Origin: France